Should I Have Readings At My Ceremony?

How much time do you think you’ll spend searching for just the right reading? Who is going to read it out? How long should it be? Will you ever find the perfect reading? Yes, maybe. However…….




Look, the idea of a celebrant led wedding is to give yourself permission to throw away all the rules that say you should have certain things. Have what you like. If you love a reading and it says all the things that you want it to then wonderful. Use it and enjoy it. However, readings are part and parcel of how we’ve been doing weddings for a very long time. Often you don’t take the time to think whether they suit you or your ceremony. One size does not fit all. If your ceremony is already full of fantastic stories and elements that reflect you both then perhaps a reading won’t add anything. Ask yourself the following:-

  1. Why have we chosen this reading?
  2. Do we really want it in our ceremony?
  3. Do we love the meaning behind this reading?
  4. Who is it for?


Make your decision based on these points. And then include it, or don’t!

(I may buy a big placard that says “you can do what you want” and carry it around with me!)

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