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Celebrant Weddings in Leeds – What To Expect At Your First Meeting

First meetings are exciting. It’s the beginning of our journey together, the chance to see each other face to face, get to know a bit about each other. I usually meet you in the place you’re getting married unless its miles away or not possible. In that case it’s generally a local café (or pub if you insist!).

You’ll be full of questions for me. Write them down so you don’t forget. A lot of my couples are nervous – don’t worry I’m not scary. But I understand those nerves – you’re trusting me with the most important part of your wedding day and it’s got to be right. Maybe you’ve not met a celebrant before or didn’t know what Celebrancy was. Now is your chance to ask, ask, ask.

At this first meeting I’ll ask you quite a few questions. I’ve already sent you your booking form which has general questions on it – venue, date, contact details etc. This meeting is about getting to the core of what you want for your day. So we talk about why you chose the venue – how does it fit with your theme and what did you feel when you first came to look around? We talk about any plans you already have in place such as the music, best man, bridesmaids etc. What colour scheme are you going for? And very importantly what few words sum up how you want your ceremony to feel. I get some lovely words from this question.

Vows – do you have any thoughts on these? Do you want to say the traditional versions, modern or write your own?

Are you having an aisle? Are you walking down it and, if so, who with? Are you nervous about this or are you looking forward to being the centre of attention for the day?

I’ll then ask you some seemingly random questions! What I ask depends on who you are and what you’ve previously told me. But I always like to know how you met, and any early relationship stories.

Hopefully by the end of this first meeting I’ve put your mind at rest about any issues you were concerned about. We’ve met each other in person and that’s always a good thing. My goal is that on your wedding day, when you both stand with me, we know each other. We’re comfortable. You know that I know you and exactly what it is you want. It’s almost like three friends meeting. What a privileged place that puts me in.

First meetings are only the beginning with a celebrant wedding. Depending on how long we’ve got to plan we’ll meet again at least twice. We’ll email, speak on the phone. I’ll send you information on different ideas for your ceremony, suggestions for vows and of course my famous questionnaire! This is going to be sent separately to you both, no cheating and looking at each other’s answers!!! It gives me a greater insight into you both. Don’t worry I don’t read it out on the day but it does give me a good basis for your totally bespoke ceremony.

So, first meetings are always wonderful. I love meeting all of my couples, it’s an honour to be chosen to be part of your day. And what a magical day it’s going to be.

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