Commitment Ceremonies

You might have decided that marriage is just not for you. Celebrant ceremonies are about finding what’s right, what’s meaningful and what fits for you as a couple.

And of course, not choosing a traditional marriage doesn’t mean you are out of options in terms of showing your commitment and sharing your relationship with the people around you. You’ve got thoughts on it and you want to find a way to celebrate each other and being together. Which is exactly where I come in!

Commitment ceremonies differ from weddings only in that there are no legal implications attached. That’s it. You can still exchange rings if you want to, you can still make vows or promises to each other. You can make a ritual of your relationship and have an amazing party to celebrate your love. So much to think about and choose.

In essence, it’s a gorgeous way of standing up and declaring your love and commitment.

That’s it. Simple, beautiful, heartfelt.

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