Including The People You’ve Loved In Your Ceremony

Lots of couples want to find a way of including people in their special day that are no longer here. There are always different reasons for this – your reason is all that matters. Have you thought how you’d like to do it? Please ask me questions – at any point throughout the process of creating your celebrant wedding we can talk. By the way, we’ll be doing a lot of that anyway! I’ve listed a few ideas here but maybe you’ve got one of your own or we can work on creating something special for you both.

An empty memorial chair

I must admit that this one did bring a lump to my throat. The brides’ father was not there and they kept a chair free for him at the front.

Memorial table

I’ve seen a few of these, a small table in the corner of the room with photographs of loved ones. It can be a good place to spend a quiet moment or an opportunity to talk about them and know that that’s ok to do.

Photographs in your bouquet

I attended a wedding last year as a guest and the bride carried tiny photographs within her bouquet of her grandparents who had both died earlier that year. It was such a lovely thing to share during the reception drinks, a talking point and a feeling for her that they were with her on such a special day.

Inclusion in the ceremony

For example, if you are going to have a hand-fasting ritual maybe you could use a tie or a scarf of a loved one. Or perhaps there is music or a song that was meaningful to the person you are remembering.

A special mention from your celebrant

All ceremonies are bespoke to you. Which of course means that there are no limits to what I can include and say. Maybe you want me to mention or talk about somebody special and naturally I will always do this for you.


Remember, you’ve booked a celebrant! We can do anything we like. Working together to make sure it’s perfect for you and includes all the things that are important to you. Nothing is off limits in my ceremonies – so be specific and if there is a tribute that you want to make this is the perfect time to make it.

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