Vow Renewals

Are you thinking of renewing your wedding vows? Congratulations! Excellent idea!!

There are so many different reasons for couples to choose this option. Perhaps you’re celebrating a special anniversary? Maybe you’ve come through illness or hard times? Maybe you didn’t have the wedding you wanted originally and now is the time to put things right. You might want a ceremony that involves your children or grandchildren. A moment of appreciating and being thankful for everything you’ve done and built together. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve proved people wrong and done a much better job than expected!

Whatever your reason, a vow renewal is a wonderful option. An opportunity to share with the people you love how important your marriage is and what it means to you. There are lots of choices to be made here – do you want to repeat your original vows or create new ones? Are you including other people? How do you want to do that? Are there definitive moments throughout your life together that you want to talk about?

My job is to guide you through and create a gorgeous ceremony that you can share with the people that matter. You’re still together! You’re lucky. That’s definitely something worth celebrating.

As we came up to our 50th wedding anniversary our children and grandchildren kept suggesting a vow renewal and that fifty years was worth celebrating. To be honest we hadn’t really thought about it until then. In the end, what is most important to both of us in our family and Helen delivered a beautiful ceremony for us on the most lovely afternoon, with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in our garden. We’ve been so lucky and Helen knew just the right words to say and the best way to express fifty years of being together. It turns out our children and grandchildren were right!”.

David and Margaret

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