When you think about your wedding what do you see? Where are you? Who is there? What do you hear? And most importantly, how do you feel?

What do you want to say and what do you want everyone to hear? How do you want them to feel?

Are there music and songs? What are they and how do those pieces of music make you feel?

What colours are there? What are you wearing? Are your dogs there (yes, why not?!)

Who isn’t there that you miss? Do you want to honour them somehow?

There are so many elements that make up your wedding ceremony and that’s exactly why you need me! What is your story? Where did you start? Where are you now? Where are you going? I will be there with you every step of the way helping to create the most wonderful, unique and individual expression of who you both are.

Tell me what you love about each other. What do you promise and hope for? Are there any traditions or rituals that are meaningful to you both? Let’s talk about these and incorporate all those little individual elements into your day.

My wedding ceremonies are wherever you want them to be. Formal venues, big, small and everywhere in between. Outdoors in a field or a garden or a wood.

Family means so much more now than it perhaps once did. Step-families, half siblings, friends – it doesn’t matter. It’s who you love and who loves you that matters. And we include them all.

It can be anything you want. Funny, serious, meaningful, informal or formal, religious or not. We have no restrictions here – not on venue, time, what we can say, who can be involved.

It’s a story of love, commitment and joy. It’s where you start your married life together. It’s your perfect day, exactly as you want it to be.

(P.S. I will always say yes to a post-ceremony glass of something!)

A word on the legal stuff

No matter where or how you plan to marry, you must also register your wedding with your local council. This involves a brief ceremony costing from as little as £50. Many couples do this prior to their celebrant wedding ceremony. It has never been necessary to have your wedding ceremony and the registration of your marriage at the same time.

It is commonplace in many parts of the world to have the family ceremony and registration on different days. In the UK this is becoming more popular, allowing us to make your ceremony as unique and bespoke as you are!

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