What Is A Ring Warming Ceremony And Do I Want One?

There are so many different ways of incorporating rituals and traditions into your ceremony. I love to include at least one, it makes things so personal and unique for you. A ring warming ceremony is just one of these.

Ring warming is a really lovely way to include your friends and family right from the very start. You can choose individual guests or you can pass your rings around everybody. (Although if you have a cast of hundreds at your wedding we may need to rethink this!). Each person holds the rings in their hands whilst they inwardly say their wishes, hopes, love for you both and your life together.

As with all things celebrancy we can change this around using the idea as a basis. You can fit this ceremony in wherever it seems right – at the beginning before you’ve arrived, in the middle, just before your vows. Whichever feels good for you.

It’s always a happy thing to do. It sets the tone for the ceremony, it includes the people that you want included, and its another way of spreading love around. And who doesn’t want more of that!

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